SigFox to Twitter

I have an Arduino MKRFOX1200 board (check my previouse article on working with the testing firmware, so I can publish some messages on the net using SigFox protocol, now it’s […]


Another Arduino? Yes and no. MKRFOX1200 is a new board that allow us to deploy new kind of projects due to peculiar characteristics: compatible with battery powered scenarios due to […]

Meteor.js demystified

Meteor.js Some month ago I was choosing a framework for a simple web application and I decided to give a try to meteor.js. Meteor use the Model–View–Controller (MVC) patter that […]


I bought some Raspberry Pi and now some Orange Pi but I never play with GPIO … It’s time to use it. First we have to understand what kind of […]

Orange Pi One

It’s time to introduce another board, today I will speak about the Orange Pi One. The Orange Pi One is a low cost (lower than Raspberry) alternative to the Raspberry […]

Kickstarter 2016: una prima analisi

Introduzione Qualche giorno fa mi è venuta la voglia di capire quali progetti siano presenti su Kickstarter e quale sia la reale possibilità di finanziamento tramite la piattaforma. Ormai sappiamo […]