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I have an Arduino MKRFOX1200 board (check my previouse article on working with the testing firmware, so I can publish some messages on the net using SigFox protocol, now it’s time to check how to use this messages in an automatic way.

First idea is to have a Twitter account with all data from my sensors (useful for public data) in order to receive messages on mobile phone.

SigFox callback

Every time a message is received from the SigFox network one or more callbacks can be triggered in order to send an email or move some data performing a GET or a POST or a PUT request on  specified URL.

You can easily add a callback on the SigFox developer website, on the Device Type tab.

Just configure the callback in this way:

  • Channel –  URL
  • Url pattern –
  • Use HTTP method – PUT
  • Content type –  application/json
  • Body  like in the following box.

Confirm this configuration and you will have a callback for each received message.


How to receive the callback messages? The idea is to use Node-RED to receive the message, format it and write automatically on Twitter.

Remember to configure the Twitter node and deploy.


The tweets can be red on the page of the box

You can try to send messages following this tutorial using my server for a fast test or proof of concept, please don’t abuse about it!

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